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If you were required to report data to Medicare and didn’t, you could be subject to CMPs of up to


Are you prepared for the single largest Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule (CLFS) payment adjustment ever? The change will mean reduced fees to about three quarters of your lab tests in 2018. In all, the updated fee schedule will account for nearly a 10 percent reduction in the $7 billion that Medicare pays annually for lab tests. Will your lab take a hit?

And as labs scramble to face the reality of the new 2018 CLFS, the debate rages regarding the process CMS used to establish the new payment rates!

Need more insight? What happens if payment for a test goes way down? Will it force many labs to end or curtail their testing?

Download this complimentary whitepaper to know what the numbers mean for your lab, how CMS manages pricing for several “special cases” that aren’t subject to the weighted-median formula, and everything you need to know about 2018 CLFS!

Get details about important CLFS changes, including:

  • Understand the 2018 CLFS Basis
  • Know Stakeholder Concerns
  • Understand Weighted Mean with Cap
  • See Exceptions to Weighted-Median Valuation
  • CMS Caps Payment Declines at 10% Per Year for CY 2018-2020
  • Get a Heads-up on Final Pricing Determinations for New CPT® 2018 Codes
  • Understand Fees for Codes with No Collected Data
  • Check Out ADLT Pricing
  • Learn How CMS Gathered CLFS Data
  • And much more


Avoid confusion over the latest CLFS updates effective Jan. 1. Sign up to grab your FREE copy now!