QuickStart Guide: Protecting Your Medical Practice From Cyber-Abduction

Your medical practice has to win every time—cyber terrorists, only once.

When it comes to cyberthreats, the span between risk and reality in infinitesimal. Given the current level of criminal cyber activity, the chances are almost guaranteed that your system is attempting to fend off an invasion of your network as you read this.

You can’t assume your practice will never experience a data security incident. In fact, you’re not only held accountable for experiencing a breach but also for your risk of breach. In other words, simply failing to update safeguards could lead to an OCR HIPAA settlement, which could be paired with monetary penalties and a lengthy recovery process.

How do your HIPAA compliance and security programs measure up? Are your risk analysis and risk management processes in place? Is your staff equipped to recognize new cyberthreats and avoid falling prey?

Download TCI’s complimentary white paper, Protecting Your Medical Practice From Cyber-Abduction, and learn what to do before, during, and after a cyberattack.

Key Insights and guidance you’ll find inside:

  • Understand How Ransomware Works
  • Know What Preventive Measures to Take
  • Plan for Business Continuity
  • Establishing Your Actionable Plan Before an Intrusion Occurs
  • Ensure Your Policies Align with Your Cyber Incident Response Plan
  • Executing Your Incident Response Plan
  • Measures to Minimize an Attack’s Ongoing Damage—Including What Not to Do
  • Cover Your Bases with This Handy Cyber Incident Preparedness Checklist

Download your white paper now!