Quick-Start Guide to 2018 Cardiology Code Updates


The 2018 CPT® and ICD-10-CM code changes have been released. Unfortunately, cardiology is one of the most impacted specialties. CPT® 2018 gives you some all-encompassing codes that include both the surgery and the radiological S&I components which you cannot ignore.

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Download our quick-start cardiology guide today and get cardiology-specific CPT® and ICD-10 advice along with answers to some key issues cardiology coders are facing.

Inside you will find the below 2018 cardiology updates and more:

  • CPT® 2018: Get Ready to Delete These Surgery, Radiological S&I Codes And Add All-Encompassing Endovascular Codes
  • Leadless Pacemakers: Follow This Advice to Keep Your Claims for Leadless Pacemakers in Tip-Top Shape
  • ICD-10: Practical Tips Fine-Tune Your Hypotension Coding
  • Reader Question: Delve into Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Specialty
  • Reader Question: Select T80.211 for Port-a-Cath Malfunction
  • Reader Question: Identify Paroxysmal, Persistent, or Chronic Atrial Fibrillation
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