Pulmonology Coding Compliance: Are You at Risk for an Audit?


It’s never pleasant to hear that a RAC review is coming your way, but that may be a reality for scores of pulmonology practices in the coming months! RACs have made nebulizers an audit focus effective this year, and if your claims are found to be in violation, you could be facing paybacks! Are you at risk?

Auditors have also announced dozens of other review issues, including add-on codes paid without primary code and/or denied primary code, global surgery, and new patient visits.

But that’s not all! According to Medicare’s most recent error rate data, pulmonologists logged among the highest improper payment rates for initial hospital visits.

Need help?

Download TCI’s pulmonology whitepaper today to brush up on how to report these services and stay on the right side of auditors’ gaze.

Topics covered in this whitepaper include:

  • Auditors Launch Nebulizer Claim Reviews
  • The RACs Are Also Reviewing These Issues Applicable to Pulmonologists
  • Know the Right Way to Code These Services
  • CMS: Pulmonologists Logged Sky-High Initial Hospital Visit Error Rates
  • When Multiple Specialists Visit, Look to Modifier AI With Medicare and more!

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