Prevent Therapy Denial Reasons and Claim Your Rightful Reimbursement


According to probe results from one HHH Medicare Administrative Contractor, medical reviews have become an increasingly serious burden on home health agencies (HHAs). Last year, HHH MAC Palmetto GBA released review results for probes of claims with HIPPS codes signifying episodes along the reimbursement spectrum — “early” to “late,” high therapy to low therapy, among others.

While the claims checked cover both high and low therapy episodes, a large chunk of the denial reasons are based on therapy. Therefore, your agency needs to be prepared for this red flag area in 2018 — which is why experts at Eli put together this handy white paper.

Get up to speed today with expert coverage of these crucial topics:

  • Therapy Denials Rain Down On HHAs
  • Don’t Let These Therapy Denial Reasons Torpedo Your Claims
  • Follow 8 Documentation Tips To Ward Off Therapy Denials
  • And much more.
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