Pain Management Guide: Increase Payouts for Injection Coding


When you’re deciding which code to report when the PM specialist performs a somatic nerve block, often the choice will be straightforward. There are other encounters, however, that could leave you struggling to choose the proper code. Do you know why?

Are you having trouble pulling the trigger on a TPI claim? Or are you struggling to code encounters such as these - An established patient reports to the PM specialist for scheduled spinal radiofrequency (RF) ablation?

Need help with injection and other pain management coding challenges?

Download our quick-reference pain management guide today and get critical injection and other pain management-specific coding advice along with answers to some key issues pain management coders are facing.

Inside you will find the following pain management coding advice and more:

    • Injections: Anatomy Keys Code Choice on Trigeminal, Occipital Nerve Blocks
      • Reserve 64400 for Trigeminal Shots
      • Report GON Injections with 64405
      • Neuralgia, Shingles Can Lead to 64400 Shot
    • Injection Coding: Sharpen ICD-10 Smarts for Accurate TPI Coding
      • Look for these Injuries with TPI
      • TPIs Often Target these Muscles
      • Count Muscles, not Injections, for Code Choice
    • You Be the Coder: Spinal RF Ablation Coding
    • And much more!


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