Ophthalmologists responsible for over $22 million in improper payments, CERT auditors say


Ophthalmologists frequently struggle with the question of whether to report eye care codes or E/M codes when treating patients, but new data suggests that more thought should go into E/M code selection when physicians go that route. Did you know ophthalmologists were among the 10 specialties with the highest improper payment rates for office visits during 2017?

Medicare Report: With 6.8 percent of the claims reviewed in this category classified as improper payments, ophthalmologists were responsible for over $22 million in improper payments for office visits alone!

More scrutiny in sight -- Can your E/M claims sail through in 2018?

You’ve also got tricky E/M coding intricacies to navigate, such as how do you code for locum tenens claims?

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  • CMS: Ophthalmologists Among Specialties With Highest Error Rates for Office Visits
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  • Avoid This Ophthalmologist's Fate — Know How to Spot Inducements
  • Reader Question: Modifier Q6 Is Your Key to Locum Tenens Pay
  • You Be the Coder: CMS: Don't Text Physician Orders
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