2018 Ob-Gyn Coding Updates: CCI Edits, E/M Guidelines, ICD-10, Vulvectomy Denials, and More…


Your ob-gyn treats a patient for a vulvar lesion and you incorrectly choose an integumentary code instead of a vulvectomy one. That could mean you’re missing out on $338.17 of ethical payment your ob-gyn deserves! Wondering how to avoid making this vulvectomy coding mistake?

That’s certainly not the only financial pitfall. Having a nurse on staff at your practice is essential to maintaining patient flow and handling clinical responsibilities, but are you able to collect for these encounters?

You’ve also got tricky coding intricacies to navigate. For instance, are you staring at a denial involving 38573 or 58575? The culprit could be CCI 24.0. Moreover, are you confused about how to apply those seventh digits to your fetus diagnosis codes?   

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  • Bust 4 Myths Before Making a $300 Vulvectomy, Integumentary Code Mistake
  • E/M: Reporting 99211 Every Day? Follow These 5 Best Practices
  • Expert Solutions to Your Top Fetus 1, Fetus 2 ICD-10-CM Questions
  • CCI 24.0: Heed These Modifier Indicators Included With 38573, 58575 Edits
  • And much more!


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