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Ob-gyn Coding Advice 2019

Denials and delayed account resolutions got you down? Overcome your ob-gyn reporting troubles with expert guidance.

Do you know your reporting options when your ob-gyn performs antepartum care but not the delivery? Are you aware that you can use global codes for a third-trimester new patient? Could you use help keeping your urogynecology claims on track?

Let us help you collect full pay for your ob-gyn services with our free, in-depth guide, Ob-Gyn Coding Advice 2019.

Get straight answers to your reporting questions and conquer your revenue-busting claim issues with the wealth of walk-through guidance packed inside Ob-Gyn Coding Advice 2019.

Hone your ob-gyn coding skills — and secure optimal reimbursement for your services with:

  • When Abandoning Global Ob Code, Count the Number of Antepartum Visits
  • Think You Can’t Use Global Codes for Late-Term OB Care Coding? Think Again
  • Prevail Over These Prolapse Claims by Following 3 Steps
  • Asking 1 Question Will Veer Your Vaginal Cuff Repair Claims Away From Denial Disasters
  • Heads up: RACs List of Open Issues Target Modifier 57
  • Perfect This Laparoscopic Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Scenario
  • How to Solve This Cervical Laceration Repair Issue
  • Improve Your Coding Health with This New Flu Vaccine

Claim denials, payback demands, undercoding, and compliance liabilities are avoidable. Get the help you need today with TCI’s FREE guide, Ob-Gyn Coding Advice 2019.