Medicare Compliance: Free Quick-Start Guide to Keep Auditors & Feds Off Your Back


As Medicare fraud and abuse increase nationwide, healthcare auditors as well as federal law enforcement agencies remain vigilant in their pursuit of wrongdoers. Wondering how to stay out of hot water and ensure your practice is on the right side of the law?

Texting also remains a thorn in healthcare’s side. New CMS guidance warns Medicare providers that it is not secure and must be properly monitored to ensure both Conditions of Participation and HIPAA compliance.

Moreover, now that the MACs are running the show for CMS’s Targeted Probe and Educate (TPE) program, do you know what’s on the to-do list for your jurisdiction? And do you qualify for the low-volume appeals option?

Not quite sure?

Stay compliant and keep the auditors at baywith expert tips and advice in TCI’s complimentary whitepaper. Get Medicare updates and compliance advice, field-tested best practices, and so much more.

Inside you will find below articles and more:

  • New Medicare Texting Guidance Spells Out Dos and Don'ts
  • Do You Qualify for the Low-Volume Appeals Option? Find Out
  • Is Patient-Provider Texting Right for Your Healthcare Practice?
  • Keep the Feds Off Your Back with Three Tips to Fight Fraud
  • Conquer Claims Reviews with These 5 Tips

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