2019 Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement

Habitual Errors Identified in Medicare Claims—How Much Revenue is Your Practice Losing?

Are your claims clean? Are you nailing down full documentation? Not according to CMS, who paid $36.3 billion in improper payments last year. As directed by the OIG, CMS will heighten claims scrutiny to eliminate:

  • Insufficient documentation
  • Failure to establish medical necessity
  • Inaccurate coding

Last year’s errors will not slip under the radar in 2019. Are you ready for Medicare denial rates to skyrocket?

Bottom line: Medicare billing is complicated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix your denial woes. If Medicare denials are piling up at your practice, we can help.

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Put an end to avoidable denials, needless audit risks, and debilitating payback demands — and max out ethical reimbursement for your Medicare claims:

  • Master Modifier 24 With This Expert Advice
  • CMS Revises LCD Guidelines
  • Cut Down on Denials with This Handy Primer
  • Keep Auditors at Bay With This Overpayment Advice
  • Review These Common Reasons for Claim Denials
  • Clamp Down On Claim Denials With This Signature Know-How
  • Take Control of Your Catastrophe Claims
  • Test Your Modifier Smarts with These 5 Coding Conundrums

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