Manage EHR Compliance with These Tips


Learn how to eradicate the accidental disclosure of ePHI and stop more serious HIPAA violations!

Over the years, EHR systems have revolutionized the collection and storing of patient data, making it easier than ever before to access patient information. These digital platforms have provided clinicians with easier access to patients’ data while improving practice safety. However, EHR security problems plague providers, and these challenges risk the exposure of ePHI.

Many organizations know how to use their EHR systems, but do not understand the importance of maintaining compliance and deciphering federal mandates. Every healthcare organization under HIPAA is responsible for the protection of ePHI — and this becomes even more critical if the organization is using an EHR.

Is your EHR secure?

To help you understand the requirements of HIPAA compliance, TCI has prepared this must-have complimentary whitepaper. Learn how to avoid HIPAA-compliance pitfalls, audit your EHR systems, keep abreast of updates and applications, and assess risks and fix problems before they start.

Get up to speed today with expert coverage of these crucial topics:

  • Follow These 7 EHR Steps to Eradicate RCM Woes
  • OIG’s Takedown of EHR Vendor Highlights Security’s Importance
  • Don’t Forget to Assess, Analyze, and Manage EHR Risk, Too
  • Protect Yourself and Your EHR Before Disaster Strikes
  • Small Practice Set-Up: Look to Cloud-Based Tech If You Want to Get Ahead
  • And much more

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