Expert Orthopedic Coding Guidance for 2019

Tap into timely coding tips and advice to conquer top-trending orthopedic claim issues.

Orthopedic coding is not without its challenges. In addition to nailing down new CPT® code and guideline changes for 2019, you face countless obstacles to securing your full pay.

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Our free white paper, Expert Orthopedic Coding Guidance for 2019, will spare you rework and boost your reimbursement as our experts walk you through coding for cervical disc disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, incision and drainage (I&D), and humeral shaft fractures — as well as bringing you up to speed on updates to the MPFS and new telehealth codes for 2019.

Profit from expert answers to your questions and overcome your revenue-busting claim issues with the wealth of information packed inside Expert Orthopedic Coding Guidance for 2019.

Nail down accurate reporting in 2019 and secure optimal reimbursement in 2019:

  • CMS Announces New E/M Policies for 2021
  • Check Coding Smarts With This Cervical Disc Disorder Encounter
  • Optimize Coding With This Humeral Shaft Fx Advice
  • Straighten Out Your Coding for Common Disc Disorders
  • Cervical Disc Disorder Tx Could Include Several Options
  • Take This I&D Coding Advice, Avoid Drain on Your Bottom Line
  • Learn These Ortho-Specific Coding Conventions for I&D Success
  • Keep Your Future Bright by Confirming CTS


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