2019 E/M CPT® Updates and Guidelines


Is the struggle to choose the right CPT® codes and correct level of service costing your medical practice?

Evaluation and management (E/M) coding lives in the scrutiny spotlight. Upcoding for new and established patients remains a chief concern. Add to this the ever-present tendency to undercode your E/M services and you’re looking at serious—and avoidable—financial compromise.

Bottom line: As important as medical decision making (MDM) is for determining the level of E/M documented, even experienced coders know that finding the precise complexity of MDM is as much an art as it is a science.

Is inadequate E/M coding know-how costing you?

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We’ll help you overcome your E/M pitfalls and max out ethical reimbursement for your E/M services:

  • Consider These Codes for Behavioral Health, Collaborative Care
  • Can NPPs Bill Multiple Same-Day E/Ms? This MAC Says “Yes.”
  • Count on This System to Find MDM Level
  • Make Sure Medical Necessity Drives Documentation
  • Use This Modifier to Code E/M and Surgery Together
  • Keep Your Eye on the Clock in This Multiple Physician Scenario
  • Report E/M at Your Peril with Normal Test Results

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