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Demystify 2018 CPT® Updates for Ob-Gyn


2018 code updates are already here. Although the Jan. 1 code set will not bring a massive overhaul to ob-gyn codes, you still have to learn some subtle changes that could have a big impact to your bottom line!

You also have to keep yourself updated with the use of a temporary Q code for Kyleena IUD and learn to improve your chances with infertility visit claims.

Need a quick-start guide?

Download TCI’s complimentary ob-gyn guide today to get an overview of the key changes you’ll need to know so you don’t trip over denials and rework this fall. Inside you’ll also find practical answers and solutions to common ob-gyn coding questions critical to your bottom line.

Get details about important code changes, including:

  • CPT® 2018 Update: Focus on 5 CPT® 2018 Features to Fortify Your Future Ob-Gyn Claims
  • Obstetrics: Incorporate Other Complaints to Improve Your Chances With Infertility Visit Claims
  • Breaking News: Kyleena IUD Receives a Temporary Q Code Effective July 1
  • Tackle This Hysteroscope With Retained Products of Conception Scenario
  • Reader Question: Investigate This Incarcerated Uterus Scenario
  • Reader Question: Break Down Your Glucose Testing Options
  • Reader Question: Laparoscopic Ovarian Vein Cauterization
  • Reader Question: Define These Doppler Echocardiographies


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