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Conquer Your HCC Coding Selection

Quick-Start Guide: Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) and Risk Adjustment (RA) Coding for the Medical Practice

HCCs have become so important that both Medicare and non-Medicare plans are using risk adjustment methodologies to determine payments and adjust quality indicators—which means that thousands of reimbursement dollars are at stake for your practice.

Are you struggling to get a handle on Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) and Risk Adjustment (RA) coding? Today’s coders need to understand the role of HCC selection and get up speed on HCC and RA coding, as these are both key to optimal reimbursement and paramount to your MACRA success.

Don’t lose your deserved pay.

Count on TCI’s complimentary quick-start guide to get up to speed on HCC and RA coding. Learn how to ensure best HCC code selection, nail down documentation deficiencies, improve your risk scores, and understand how coding for HCC mapping can have a big impact on your reimbursement.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Know the Role of HCC Coding in Reimbursement Under MACRA Programs
  • Understand HCC Coding Selection and RAFs to Get the Most from Your MIPS Participation
  • What is Risk Adjustment (RA)?
  • CMS HCC Model Principles
  • Identify Your Top HCCs and Master Specificity
  • Implement an Effective CDI Process for Better Reimbursement
  • Understand the Impact of Greater Specificity on Your Bottom Line

Wondering how to capture what’s needed for the best HCC selection—and not just push scores up? Not sure how to accurately gauge RAF scoring for your patients? Find all the answers you need in this quick-start guide.

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