Code Successfully for L&D Anesthesia – No Matter the Circumstances

No two labor and delivery cases are the same. As such, epidural anesthesia — though easing the mother’s pain — may result in tricky coding situations for even the most experienced coder. For example, do you know the official stop time for an epidural used during delivery? Or what services an anesthesiologist can perform while medically directing a CRNA?

Thankfully, our free white paper covers these and other challenges — making it easier and faster to get reimbursed for a job well done.

Topics covered in this white paper include:

  • Pinpointing epidural stop times
  • Understanding overlapping services
  • Shifting from epidural to MAC for delivery
  • How to report add-on code gap in anesthesia between labor and C/S
  • How to report C-section code when a planned vaginal delivery changes
  • How to adjust to the epidural coding overhaul

Download your FREE copy now to learn the ins and outs of L&D coding, including answers to three of your most common questions.