Advice for Combatting HIPAA Noncompliance in 2019

Do your security and privacy protocols hold up under scrutiny?

States are ramping up HIPAA enforcement and bringing in large-scale settlements. What’s more, they’re honing their privacy and breach notification controls with laws that quite possibly exceed the requirements outlined in HIPAA. In other words, it’s imperative to review the gaps between federally-mandated HIPAA rules and your state’s privacy and security regulations.

Have you integrated your state’s requirements into your risk management plan? Is your staff capable of navigating unusual circumstances with proper HIPAA know-how?

Don’t leave your practice open to indictment and exorbitant penalties.

Craft robust policies. Implement up-to-date procedures. Effectively train your staff and master the appropriate use of texting. Nail down solid business associate agreements and more with our FREE guide, Advice for Combatting HIPAA Noncompliance in 2019.

Key Insights and guidance you’ll find inside:

  • Combat Data Breaches in 2019 with These Expert Tips
  • Reduce Ransomware Hack Odds With This Expert Advice
  • Bolster Your Knowledge of HIPAA-Friendly Agreements and Arrangements
  • Make Staff HIPAA Training a Priority
  • Set Practice Texting Guidelines to Avoid HIPAA Pitfalls
  • States Step Up As Federal HIPAA Enforcement Decreases

Conquer risk management, defend your PHI, and preserve the integrity of your organization with TCI’s complimentary white paper, Advice for Combatting HIPAA Noncompliance in 2019.