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Radiology Coding Essentials for 2019

Defeat 2019 top-trending radiology claim issues with expert guidance.

If you’ve worked in radiology for any length of time, you know that the annual influx of new, revised, and deleted radiological CPT® codes are as inevitable as death and taxes — and this year is no exception.

Let us help you get up to speed on these all-encompassing 2019 CPT® changes with an in-depth look at some of your most important and widely used radiology codes in our free white paper, Radiology Coding Essentials for 2019.

Of course, in addition to nailing down new CPT® code and guideline changes for 2019, there are those incorrigible pitfalls to conquer once and for all — which is why break down costly errors sabotaging your transforaminal injection and paravertebral block claims, as well as many others.

Don’t risk your deserved pay.  

Get straight answers to your reporting questions and conquer your top revenue-busting claim issues, equipped with the wealth of information packed inside Radiology Coding Essentials for 2019.

Take your coding skills to the next level — and bank full reimbursement for your services with:

  • Your Guide to 2019 Radiological CPT® Changes
  • Conquer Transforaminal Injections, Paravertebral Blocks With This Guide
  • Use This Instructional Guide to Maneuver Your Way Through Fx Diagnoses
  • Take this CPT® Assistant Advice, Code Facet Joint, Epidural Injection Services with Ease
  • Don’t Worry About Miscoding This Parenthetical Note Conundrum Ever Again
  • Nail Down These Crucial Additions and Changes to the Sepsis ICD-10-CM Guidelines

Radiology coding is not without its challenges. Why settle for subpar pay when you can leverage how-to guidance in TCI’s FREE guide, Radiology Coding Essentials for 2019?