2019 Pathology Coding Updates

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The unit of service for an FNA extraction procedure and some FNA evaluation procedures have never directly aligned, which has been a costly source of confusion for path coders. Add nine new FNA extraction codes to the lineup, and you could see a spike in claim denials in 2019.

Why risk rework and revenue?

Our free white paper, Nail Down the Latest 2019 Pathology Coding Updates, walks you through the nuances of these nine new FNA codes and brings clarity to the discrepancy between the two units of service.

You’ll also learn the frequency rules for colorectal cancer screening and how to identify the ICD-10 codes that support risk, how to select the proper screening HCPCS code, and how to distinguish screening from diagnostic services — and so much more.

Let us help you get up to speed on all-encompassing 2019 CPT® changes with an in-depth look at some of your most important and widely used pathology and lab codes.

Up your coding game with the wealth of guidance packed inside Nail Down the Latest 2019 Pathology Coding Updates.

Avoid compliance issues — and bank full reimbursement for your services with:

  • Update Chemistry Section with Direct-Measure Cholesterol Code
  • Reap Rewards for IHC 88360-88361 Correct Coding
  • Embrace New FNA Extraction ‘Guidance-Specific’ Codes
  • Update BRCA1, BRCA2 Test Codes
  • Q/A Scenarios Focus Coding for Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Grasp Final Rule Impact for Your Lab
  • Take Heed of State Privacy-Law Enforcement

Pathology coding is not without its challenges — which is why we’ve created this FREE how-to guide. Keep your claims on track with TCI’s Nail Down the Latest 2019 Pathology Coding Updates.