2019 Pain Management Reporting Guidance

Profit from solutions to pain management reporting pitfalls and bank full pay for your services.

Patients often report to your practices for needle electromyography (EMG) of an extremity — or extremities. Before coding, however, you need to nail down key details to avoid making an error and losing revenue.

In our complimentary guide, 2019 Pain Management Reporting Guidance, we’ll equip you to keep your EMG claims on track, giving you the lowdown on extremity needle EMGs with essential Q&A.

Among the wealth of time-saving, profit-preserving information packed in this special report, we also lay out key dos and don’ts for coding everything from migraines to stenosis.

Get straight answers and conquer your revenue-busting claim issues with our free, in-depth guide, 2019 Pain Management Reporting Guidance.

Maximum coding for your services is within reach with expert guidance that includes:
  • Use Add-Ons to Count EMG/NCS Combo
  • Get the Most Out of Stenosis Checks
  • Dig Into Notes to Strike Migraine Coding Gold
  • Stay Sharp With Trigger Point Documentation Smarts
  • ‘Patients over Paperwork’: New Documentation Rules
  • Make ESI Coding Easy
  • Pain in the Neck? Use These ICD-10 Codes
  • Keep Up With MBI Requirements for Medicare Px

Pain management coding can be uniquely challenging, but there’s no reason to suffer claim denials and revenue loss — not with our FREE guide, 2019 Pain Management Reporting Guidance.