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2018 Compliance Breakdown: Is Your Gastroenterology Practice at Risk?

Gastroenterologists witnessed high error rates for subsequent hospital visits last year.

Your gastroenterology practice may report upper GI endoscopy (EGD) codes regularly, but that does not mean you are reporting them correctly. That’s the takeaway from a recent Medicare report, which indicates that 9.1 percent of EGD claims submitted to Part B payers were paid improperly, representing over $36 million to the Medicare program!

Beyond this, the CERT auditors found other issues that were paid improperly, such as lab tests referred by gastroenterologists, no documentation, medical necessity errors, and more.

Is your practice at risk? Wondering how to get your coding in line?

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Topics covered include:

  • Upper GI Endoscopy Represented $36 Million in Improper Payments in 2017
  • Gastroenterologists Saw High Error Rates for Subsequent Hospital Visits.
  • E/M Coding: 5 Best Practices When Reporting 99211
  • Remember That 99211 Applies to Established Patients Only
  • CMS Provides New Guidance Warning Against Texted Orders
  • How to Prove Necessity for Modifier 25
  • And much more!


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