Valentine's Day Specialty Coders' Bundle

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  • Cardiology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Family Practice CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Gastroenterology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • General Surgery CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $428.95 $339.00
  • Neurosurgery CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Oncology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Ophthalmology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Orthopedics CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $428.95 $339.00
  • Otolaryngology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Pathology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Pediatrics CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Pain Management CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Podiatry CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Pulmonology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Radiology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
  • Urology CPT® Book + E-Alert 2018 $388.95 $299.00
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We're spreading the love this Valentine's Day with two of our best-selling products bundle together in one unbeatable deal.

Don't miss this limited time offer! You can get the Coders Specialty Guide 2018 and TCI’s Specialty E-Alert subscription in your specialty for just $299.

Coders Specialty Guide 2018

Every second counts. That’s why TCI invests all our smarts into saving you time. And we’re particularly proud of our illustrated Coders’ Specialty Guides 2018. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more effective, empowering coding resource.


Find everything you need to code accurately and keep the revenue flowing on a single page. Each ingeniously-designed Coders’ Specialty Guide 2018 lays out 2018 specialty-specific CPT® and HCPCS codes with their descriptors, lay terms, ICD-10 CrossRefs, RVUs, CCI edits, MUEs, insider coding tips, Medicare reimbursement details, corresponding modifiers, useful illustrations, and more—all at your fingertips.

TCI’s Specialty Coding Alert

Stay ahead of the learning curve with TCI’s Specialty Coding Alert, the only specialty-specific newsletter you need to keep current on everything from add-on codes and modifiers to telemedicine updates, CPT® updates, ICD-10 updates, and so much more.

As a TCI’s Specialty Coding E-Alert subscriber, you’ll also get the industry’s top resources at no extra cost:

  • TCI’s Specialty Alert Archive
    Your e-subscription gives you instant access to a keyword-searchable database on SuperCoder.com, where you can review 160+ archived issues of your specialty’s Coding Alert. This is a $199.95 value!
  • TCI’s Webinar Archive (6 AAPC-approved CEUs)
    Capitalize on access to our webinars to clear your coding hurdles. Plus, earn 6 AAPC- approved CEUs at no extra cost!
  • Earn up to 24 AAPC-approved CEUs per year
    In addition to the above CEUs, you have the option of earning 6 more by passing short quizzes. What’s more, you can pick up an additional 12 CEUs simply by subscribing to our FREE biweekly coding newsletter, SuperCoder Bolt. In total, that’s 24 AAPC-approved CEUs!


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