The Cyber Security Threat Is Real-Protect Your Practice Today

It's impossible to safeguard your practice against every cyber security threat, but there’s still much you can do to protect yourself from an attack. Why is this so important? Because data breaches could contain protected health information — and that’s a violation of HIPAA.

Our whitepaper provides expert advice and ideas that can help ramp up your practice’s cyber defense, which protects both your reputation and your bottom line.

The whitepaper provides key information on:

  • How a lack of cyber security skills can lead to digital mayhem.
  • Expert guidance to help you design an action plan to protect health information.
  • An overview of the breach notification rule.
  • How large organizations fall victim to a HIPAA disaster
  • Techniques of risk analysis to spot a cyber hack

Download your FREE copy today! Learn how to lower the risk of a data breach to protect your practice and stay HIPAA compliant.