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Coders' Specialty Guide 2017: Orthopedics (Volume 1 & II)

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Comprehensive Orthopedic Reference for Coding Upper, Lower, and Spinal Procedures

Is your orthopedic practice prepared for hundreds of new and revised 2017 CPT® and HCPCS codes

SuperCoder Illustrated for Orthopedics is now Coders’ Specialty Guide 2017Orthopedics (Volume 1 & II) 

Updated and expanded, the Coder’s Specialty Guide 2017: Orthopedics is a one-stop reference for coding upper, lower, and spinal orthopedic services, using both  CPT® and HCPCS codes, plus all 2017 code changes. We’ve taken readers’ feedback to revise and expand one of our best orthopedics books!

Time-Saving Coding Companion for Orthopedics

Don’t juggle multiple resources and waste time on Internet searches when you need to code a procedure. Count on this two-volume illustrated guide instead for coding and billing details you need in a snap!

Check out the expert features you’ll get:

  • 2017 CPT®  codes for upper, lower, and spinal orthopedic procedures
  • Official descriptors for Category I, II & III codes
  • How-to advice for CPT® 2017 new and revised codes
  • Practical coding, billing and reimbursement tips for frequently-used codes
  • Medicare rates and RVUs (facility and non-facility)
  • Detailed anatomical illustrations for each of your specialty’s procedures
  • Indicators for global periods, diagnostic tests & more
  • ICD-10 crosswalk and CCI edits for each orthopedic procedure
  • Terminology list

Plus - New features in the 2017 edition:

  • NEW - HCPCS codes for orthopedics includes lay terms and expert coding tips
  • NEW - Instant ICD-10-CM-to- CPT® crosswalks to minimize audit risk
  • NEW - Easy search features such as a detailed code index with page numbers
  • NEW - Hassle-free navigation options including dictionary-style tabs and headers
  • NEW - Illustrations of procedures with correlating codes
  • And much more!


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