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Coders’ Specialty Guide 2017: Oncology/Hematology

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New Launch: Illustrated Guides Tailored to Your Oncology & Hematology Procedure Coding Needs

We are introducing an all-new illustrated specialty guide — Coders’ Specialty Guide 2017: Oncology/Hematology, that will serve as a one-stop reference for all your 2017 oncology and hematology procedure coding needs.

Ace Your 2017 Oncology & Hematology Procedure Claims with Complete Details on One Page

You’ll find 2017 CPT® codes with official code descriptors, new and revised code advice, simply-written lay term descriptions, Medicare fee amounts for both physicians and hospitals, CCI edits for each procedure, detailed list of CPT® and HCPCS modifiers, billing tips from TCI experts, and so much more.

You’ll also find these extremely helpful features aimed at simplifying your coding and reimbursement:

  • Combo book of oncology and hematology for one easy reference
  • Specialty-specific HCPCS codes, lay term descriptions and convenient tips
  • Quick-reference ICD-10-CM crosswalk for every procedure code
  • Dictionary-style headers contain code ranges on each page
  • Illustrations with captions depicting related codes for each visual


Drive your oncology and hematology coding and reimbursement in the right direction with this exclusive guide tailored to your specialty.

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