Coders' Specialty Guide 2017: Obstetrics/Gynecology

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SuperCoder Illustrated for Ob-Gyn is now Coders’ Specialty Guide 2017: Obstetrics/Gynecology

Your One-Stop Guide for Coding Ob-gyn Procedures in 2017 

Are you prepared for multiple CPT® 2017 code changes for ob-gyn procedures to secure your reimbursement in the New Year?

Rely on the Updated 2017 Ob-Gyn Illustrated Guide

The Coders’ Specialty Guide 2017: Obstetrics/Gynecology includes 2017 CPT® codes, official descriptors, lay term explanations, illustrations, and Medicare reimbursement information. The revamped guide also features ICD-10-CM crosswalks, CCI edits, expert billing tips, and bonus features.

Save Time Researching Coding Specifics

Don’t waste time referencing various ob-gyn coding books or performing rigorous Internet searches to find the coding information you need. Get comprehensive and instant information with the Coders’ Specialty Guide 2017: Obstetrics/Gynecology:

  • Ob-gyn CPT® codes for 2017 with official descriptors for Categories I-III
  • Expert advice for new and revised codes
  • Lay term explanations of how ob-gyns perform procedures
  • Medicare reimbursement info plus RVUs
  • Correct coding initiative edits (CCIs)
  • Coding indicators for pre-, post-, and intra-operative, global periods, and diagnostic tests
  • Appendix of ob-gyn terms and definitions

Plus, bonus features based on customer requests:

  • NEW - Expanded CPT® codes for obstetrics and gynecology
  • NEW - HCPCS codes with lay terms and expert tips to boost your reimbursement
  • NEW - ICD-10-CM-to- CPT® crosswalks to establish medical necessity
  • NEW - Detailed code index for simpler code searching
  • NEW - Page headers and tabs that make code look up less cumbersome
  • NEW - Illustrations with code captions
  • And many more!


Take control of your ob-gyn coding and reimbursement with the CPT® resource developed exclusively for ob-gyn. call on 1-800-508-2582 or order from this page.


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