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2016 SuperCoder Illustrated for Orthopedic

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New & Revised Orthopedic CPT® Codes, Lay Terms, Medicare Fee Schedule, CCI Edits, Illustrations & More.

Is your orthopedic practice ready to tackle CPT® 2016 code changes, including new epidural choices and new and revised E/M codes for prolonged services? Are you facing challenges while assigning Category III codes? Do you need expert advice for coding your orthopedist’s services to stop denials in their tracks?

Your Go-to Orthopedic Reference for All Your Coding Needs in 2016

Take a giant leap forward to find all of the essential orthopedic coding, billing, and reimbursement details you need using 2016 SuperCoder Illustrated for Orthopedics – your go-to expert coding resource guide.

Essential Orthopedic Code Details on One Page

The Coding Institute’s 2016 orthopedic illustrated coding book includes new and revised orthopedic CPT® codes with easy-to-understand lay term descriptions, Medicare fee details, and diagnosis crosswalks. Additionally, the guide covers hundreds of expert tips, CCI edits, modifiers applicable for each code, and detailed anatomical illustrations to help you understand procedures better.

Why review orthopedic reference books or conduct innumerable Internet searches when you can get everything you need in one concise and affordable guide?

This spiral-bound guide includes these amazing features:

  • 2016 orthopedic procedure codes with official descriptors for category I,II & III codes
  • Detailed description of how orthopedists perform each procedure
  • Advice for CPT® 2016 new and revised codes – straight from TCI experts
  • Useful tips on coding, billing and reimbursement for some codes
  • Modifier crosswalk with list of applicable CPT® and HCPCS modifiers and definitions
  • Procedure illustrations throughout the book
  • Medicare fee (facility and non-facility)
  • Pre-, post, and intra-operative indicators
  • Global period and diagnostic tests indicators
  • Diagnosis crosswalk and CCI edits for each procedure

Extra: Get an orthopedic terminology list used in procedure descriptions and their lay term definitions.

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