Unleash Your EHR's Superpowers

Unleash Your EHR's Superpowers
ISBN: 978-1-63527-300-7
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How to reap all of the financial and clinical benefits of your EHR

Is your EHR more powerful than a speeding locomotive?

You don’t love your EHR, few people do. But beneath that mild-mannered Clark Kent façade is a real superpower ready to take your medical practice to new heights of success.

Unleash Your EHR's Superpowers will revolutionize how you view—and use—your EHR.

We show you how to identify and take advantage of every opportunity of "big data" tactics held within your EHR to optimize patient engagement, launch surefire marketing strategies, and amass a thriving revenue base.

Learn how to choose the right EHR—or get the most from the one you’re using—how to handle updates to your EHR without disrupting office flow, to cultivate a dedicated patient roster, and to capitalize on the wealth of data to grow your practice.

Your EHR is a secret weapon to help you see and manage almost every aspect of your practice:

  • Learn how to select an EHR that works—and how to tell whether you need to switch.
  • Spot and stop sneaky clauses in vendor contracts that help them—but hurt you.
  • Know everything there is to know about BAAs.
  • Discern which workflow, templating, and compliance traps to steer clear of.
  • Harness your EHR to train medical assistants, techs, and other entry-level staff.
  • Transform your EHR into a powerful patient reactivation tool.
  • Discover how to capture the money you’re missing out on.
  • Ditch these patient engagement technology myths that are hurting your practice.
  • Squeeze your EHR for the best marketing research available.
  • Create your EHR cybersecurity plan and safeguard your PHI.
  • And much, much more!


You’re going to love your EHR!

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