Risk Adjustment Primer 2019

Risk Adjustment Primer 2019
ISBN: 978-1-63527-635-0
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Ships in May-2019.

Clear up your confusion on risk adjustment and hierarchical condition categories (HCCs) with this time-saving primer.

Are you struggling to learn risk adjustment? Let TCI experts help you save time and earn the revenue you deserve.

TCI’s best-selling Risk Adjustment Primer 2019 is written in a conversational tone, using language that is easy to read and understand. If you are a beginner, an instructor, or a student, you’ll get page after page of key points that you can quickly understand and apply:

  • Real-world examples help you learn using practical explanations
  • Colorful charts, tables, and illustrations highlight essential concepts
  • Learning aids for important notes and takeaways appear throughout the book so you won’t miss critical points
  • Notes section in each page margin to keep all of your important notes handy

Master risk adjustment and HCCs with expert advice:

  • Take the guesswork out of HCCs and learn common acronyms
  • Get to know the CMS-HCCs and HHS-HCCs models and what they mean for you
  • Zip through HCC coding tips to save time searching for them in numerous resources
  • Learn your top HCCs to master specificity and secure revenue
  • Nail down risk adjustment basics and how to calculate a risk score with walk-through examples
  • Get the lowdown on 2019 breaking news for risk adjustment
  • Round up AWOL revenue with a solid clinical documentation improvement (CDI) process
  • Get the ins and outs of how Risk Adjustment Data Validation (RADV) audits impact you
  • Gear up for conducting internal audits
  • Get the lowdown on HCC Scores and Risk Adjustment
  • Secret answers to all of your burning questions about physician queries revealed
  • Sharpen your CDI skills with these handy strategies
  • Nail down how your diagnosis choice can affect your pay
  • Evaluate how the CERT program works to protect your reimbursement
  • Solve problems of mastering diabetes documentation
  • BONUS! Brush up on CMS risk adjustment with the CMS Toolkit - including the purpose and history of risk adjustment, overview of risk adjustment models, glossary of terms, and more!

PLUS  ̶  You’ll get Appendixes for 2019 CMS-HCC Codes and Descriptors, ICD-10-CM Mappings, and Upcoming Changes for 2019.

Don’t land in hot water because you don’t understand risk adjustment coding. Get up to speed now, and earn the revenue you deserve.

PRE-ORDER ONLINE or call 1-800-508-2582 today to get your copy of Risk Adjustment Primer 2019.

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