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Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016

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Are you uneasy about a whopping 25 to 35 percent drop in productivity from ICD-10-CM implementation and want to boost your primary care ICD-10 coding efficiency and stop claim denials?

Preserve your revenue, sharpen your skills, and speed up billing with the Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016. Master ICD-10 codes and conquer diagnosis coding for family practice, internal medicine, and pediatric diagnoses. The newly-updated and expanded Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016 nails down the latest hot topics, expert advice, and coding tips for immunization encounters, preventive counseling, behavioral counseling, neonatal tests, and many more.

The Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016 is jam-packed with 60 articles, readers’ questions, and handy references to streamline your ICD-10 primary care coding, including a tool for memorizing ICD-10 codes. Want to nail down late effects coding? Get familiar with the ‘X’ placeholder character? Need to clarify head injury diagnoses? Find all of the answers in the Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016.

Is primary care coding hard? Not with this expert guidance at your fingertips in the Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016:

  • Distinguish between chronic and acute laryngitis
  • Abscess  determines options for reporting pilonidal cyst and sinus
  • Infectious mononucleosis reporting requires specificity
  • Look to J30.- for allergic rhinitis but not for unspecified rhinitis or asthma
  • Ensure flu vaccine coding success with these four expert tips
  • Follow these 'code also' guidelines when reporting burns
  • Understand how and when to use 'Z' codes with neonatal tests, well-child visits, and higher-level family counseling sessions
  • Test your coding skills with eight articles presenting multiple coding scenarios and case studies


Don’t miss out on the critical ICD-10 primary care coding topics that impact your bottom line! Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of the Primary Care ICD-10 Handbook 2016 today.

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