Practice Management Handbook 2018

Practice Management Handbook
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2018 is the year to revolutionize your medical practice and set your growth trajectory high!

Contract negotiations, streamlining accounts receivable processes, patient engagement, staff and payer relations, as well as aligning with federal regulations—that’s a lot to juggle. And the challenges keep coming.

Don’t just survive in 2018—thrive! Get the upper hand today with practice management advice you can bank on.

Comply with HIPAA requirements, attain MIPS success, and optimize your team. With the newly-updated best-selling Practice Management Handbook 2018, you’ll safeguard against targeted audits and master strategies to counter pay cuts and improve cashflow. 

This must-have resource lays out easy-to-follow guidance on key HR issues, staff training, patient engagement—in short, everything office to financial management, from A-to-Z.

Rise above today’s healthcare challenges with these essential features in your arsenal:

  • Protect Your Practice With 5 Tips to Combat Fraud and Abuse
  • Craving Successful Appeals? Engage Payers Like This
  • Focus Your Staff Training and Education on Customer Service
  • How Private Equity Can Grow Your Practice
  • ABNs: Take the Time to Get Them Right
  • How Tracking and Comparing Your Practice's Stats Can Improve Operations
  • Successfully Navigate the Maze of Prior Authorization
  • Get Credit Cards on File to Reduce Time in A/R
  • Tackle the Question of Upfront Copays
  • Utilize This Handy Form for PHI Requests
  • Does Your Marketing Program Violate the Anti-Kickback Statute?
  • How to Avoid Being Excluded by the Office of Inspector General
  • Who Makes Decisions for Dementia Patients? Find Out
  • Make Your Digital Presence More Patient-Centered
  • Fuel CDI Efforts with Well-Designed Templates
  • Patient Flow Techniques to Boost Your Bottom Line
  • To Catch an Embezzler: Spotting Ne'er-Do-Wells in Your Practice
  • Take These Steps Now to Avoid IT Security Snafus
  • How to Hire and Retain the Best Millennial Employees
  • Hold More Effective Meetings
  • And so much more!

Don’t succumb to today’s healthcare challenges. Thrive with timely, all-inclusive guidance and break through the barriers to profitability and lasting efficiency.

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