Physician Practice Team Management Demystified

Physician Practice Team Management Demystified
ISBN: 978-1-63527-290-1
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The buck stops with your employees. A medical practice is as good—or as bad—as its staff.

But ask any practice administrator about their biggest challenge and they'll tell you, “Staffing!” Hiring new employees, investing in training, and holding onto your team has never been more challenging. You need fresh, field-tested leadership tactics that can conquer the ripple effect of changes in the healthcare market.

In Physician Practice Team Management Demystified, we teach you how to:

  • Identify and attract the best candidates
  • Screen for skills and emotional intelligence in interviews
  • Onboard employees quickly and efficiently
  • Decide whether to promote from within or hire talent from the outside.

Perfect your team management, perfect your practice—and propel your profits:

  • Learn how to help your physicians alter their top-down leadership styles that drive success outside the surgery or treatment area.
  • Master coaching moves that enhance employee performance and practice loyalty
  • Win with techniques for motivating Millennials
  • Eliminate the gap with succession planning
  • And much more!


What are you waiting for? Take your leadership to the next level today with Physician Practice Team Management Demystified.

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