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Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016

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Are you anxious about a whopping 25 to 35 percent drop in productivity from ICD-10-CM implementation and want to streamline your oncology ICD-10 coding efficiency and forestall claim denials?

Protect your revenue, sharpen your skills, and fine-tune billing with the Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016. Master ICD-10-CM and conquer coding for benign and malignant tumors and neoplasms. The newly-updated Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016 nails down the latest hot topics, expert advice, and coding tips for coding genetic susceptibility, melanoma, liver carcinoma, and many more.

The Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016 is jam-packed with nearly 50 articles, readers’ questions, and handy references to perfect your ICD-10 oncology coding. Want to nail down genitourinary cancer codes? Get familiar with new codes for acute myeloid leukemia? Need to clarify cervical carcioma coding options? Find the answers in the Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016.

Take a peek at the expert guidance at your fingertips in the Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016:

  • Do not default on these 3 common central benign tumors (pineal, pituitary, and carotid body tumors)
  • 3 Tips for reporting benign neoplasms of central nervous system
  • Assess your understanding for malignant genitourinary neoplasm coding
  • Confirm severity when coding dysplasia of the prostate
  • Describe adverse events for chemotherapy
  • Follow these 5 steps to make your way to correct neoplasm coding
  • Navigate your way to the right neurofibromatosis codes
  • Diagnostic codes apply after treatment too
  • 5 Questions check your know-how about brain tumor coding
  • Submit genetic susceptibility for BRCA-1 mutation
  • Pay attention to details for chemotherapy-induced anemia
  • Focus on two D codes for unspecified benign neoplasm of mouth
  • And much more!


Don’t miss out on the critical ICD-10 oncology coding topics that impact your bottom line! Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of the Oncology ICD-10 Handbook 2016 today.

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