Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018

Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook
ISBN: 978-1-63527-387-8
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Ensure Optimal Reimbursement for Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Other Nonphysician Practitioners

Navigate the troublesome requirements of incident-to billing and earn 100% of the fee schedule for your NPP services.

The Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018 delivers twice as much content as the best-selling 2017 edition—and packs twice the punch to help you solve your NPP coding, billing, compliance, and documentation challenges.

Capitalize on expert advice to interpret complex coding and billing rules. Packed with authoritative answers to questions from readers like you, the Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018 tackles complex coding trouble spots—split-visit rules, place of service, prolonged services, and much more.

You’ll also get readers' Q&A and handy clip-and-save tools to know when you can bill your NPP’s service incident-to the physician.

Plus, the 2018 edition of this best-selling resource has been expanded to include key information and tips on patient-centered care, physician fee schedules, HIPAA compliance, preventing security breaches, and telemedicine.

Leverage in-depth understanding and best-in-class tips for a great year of NPP revenue:

  • Got MIPS? Use This CMS Tool to Ease Your Larger Practices Into MACRA
  • Upgrade Your Image Reporting with the FX Modifier
  • How Does Your Physical Therapy Billing Stack Up Against Your Peers?
  • Code E/M Prolonged Service After Discovering the Provider
  • Nail Down Email Compliance Basics or Risk Exposure
  • Three HCPCS Codes Enhance Your Colonoscopy Quality Reporting
  • If You File with National Government Services, Don't Miss This Policy Reversal
  • Know When to Use the Team Conference Code
  • Remember to Avoid Incident-to in the Hospital
  • Medically Directed CRNA During Retrobulbar Blocks
  • Be Cognizant of Rules Surrounding Coding E/M Visits with Procedures
  • Steer Clear of Billing IM Injection with Additional Pain Meds
  • Dodge These Perennial E/M Issues Found in the CERT Report
  • Secure Your Systems Against Ransomware or Pay the Price
  • Use MOON to Increase Transparency
  • Avoid Medicare's Ire by Obeying Stark Laws
  • If You Work with APNs, Do This
  • And so much more!

Master NPP coding and billing with the Nonphysician Practitioner Handbook 2018—and say hello to a great year of revenue.

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