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MDS Companion Handbook 2016

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MDS/RAI Section by Section Explanations in Plain English

Are you struggling to comply with the CMS value-focused over volume-of-care Medicare payment structure? Pulling your hair out over difficult-to-understand RAI Manual updates?

Conquer MDS documentation requirements with the all-new MDS Companion Handbook 2016.  The handbook contains over 75 articles including Q&As; an F-tag to MDS section quick-reference chart, MDS worksheet, and other tools to help you prepare for MDS-focused surveys; and industry news on the latest MDS3.0 and RAI manual revisions and updates.

Get the ins and outs of MDS 3.0 compliance challenges so that you get the reimbursement your facility deserves. Take a peek at just some of what you’ll find in our MDS Companion Handbook 2016:

  • MDS 3.0: Prepare early for October 2016 MDS 3.0 changes
  • RAI manual: Take a closer look at 6 important chapter 2 RAI updates
  • MDS 3.0: Pay attention to the new version of CAT specs
  • Section N: Avoid making 8 common mistakes when coding medications
  • Look for these SCSA-triggering scenarios
  • Assessments: Brush up on the proper use of 'grace days' — 12 reminders
  • Quality: Prepare for CMS to rate your facility on 6 new quality measures
  • Quality reporting: Get ready to report on 3 new PAC cross-setting quality measures
  • Let these 5 coding scenarios teach you the 'rule of 3'
  • How do we code an unstageable pressure ulcer that becomes a stage 4?
  • Which reports in CASPER do I need to review?
  • Can I carry over MDS interviews for a COT?
  • Here’s How to Clean up Your “Missing Resident Assessment Reports”
  • And much, much more!


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