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2016 Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook Bundle

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  • Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook + 2016 Supplement (E-Book) $169.00
  • Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook + 2016 Supplement (Print) $189.00
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Is your home health agency struggling with F2F compliance? Are you worried about denials from the probe and educate medical review initiative or nonresponses to the additional development request (ADR)?

Get control of your reimbursement, and learn the ins and outs  the most widely misunderstood compliance rules for home health in the Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook.

You’ll find must-have information on key topics:

  • HHAs lost on retroactive relief for physician narrative
  • F2F costs are crippling home health agencies
  • Direct your F2F information to the correct physician
  •  8 tips to comply with F2F change before it’s too late
  • Check out these offerings to stock your doc training toolbox
  • HHAs call for F2F delay in face of challenges
  • Use this CMS guidance to support F2F documentation
  • OIG shoots down 1/3 of claims reviewed due to F2F
  • Deploy these 8 methods to defend against F2F scrutiny
  • Use these 8 tips to tackle F2F requirement
  • Steer clear of F2F violations with medical directors


That’s not all! This 2016 Supplement to your Face-to-Face Documentation Handbook provides updated information to keep your reimbursement safe against heavy F2F scrutiny:.

  • Compliance: Use these 12 pointers to increase your F2F chances
  • Education: Bone up on F2F with these resources
  • MAC tells physicians to hand over records for F2F
  • CMS finalizes face-to-face rule for Medicaid
  • Use these resources to get up to speed on new F2F rules
  • NPP F2F does not require physician signature
  • F2F documentation requirements a 'problem,' CMS official admits
  • MACs deny 92% of claims under F2F probe & educate
  • Regulations: Make sure your doc's F2F note hits these 5 elements
  • Unfair F2F requirement tortures HHAs

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