Evaluation and Management Coding Demystified

Evaluation and Management Coding Demystified
ISBN: 978-1-63527-270-3
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Are you a new coder struggling to get your mind around E/M documentation? Are you a student or instructor looking for exercises and insights to build an E/M knowledge base? Does your staff need their E/M skills fortified?

The TCI experts have just the tool you need.

In Evaluation and Management Coding Demystified, we walk you through myriad coding challenges and complexities with step-by-step instructions, real-life coding scenarios, and hundreds of hands-on exercises guaranteed to up your E/M coding game.

Learn your way around the types of E/M codes, discern between 1995 versus 1997 documentation guidelines, conquer the three levels and four contributing components for E/M services, master E/M guidelines in CPT®, and gain confidence with the full spectrum of E/M coding considerations.

Build your E/M coding expertise today:

  • Hone your skills with hundreds of practice exercises with actual medical charts
  • Nail down OIG’s role and requirements
  • Master the principles of E/M documentation and avoid documentation pitfalls
  • Learn the ins and outs of E/M guidelines in CPT®
  • Capture the seven components of E/M services
  • Zip through face-to-face time reporting, unit time, and coding based on time
  • Crack down on medical history
  • Combat examination coding
  • Don’t make a mess of medical decision-making coding
  • Rely on the E/M Survival Guide
  • And more!


Don’t be mystified. Step into the light with this illuminating resource and get the most reliable, accurate, and timely E/M coding, billing, and compliance know-how.

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