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Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016

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Have you faced a whopping 35 percent drop in productivity from ICD-10-CM implementation? Do you want to perfect your dermatology coding and halt claim denials and lost revenue?

Protect your revenue with the Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016. Conquer ICD-10 codes for skin disorders, and master coding for psoriasis, pressure sores (ulcers), and malignant skin neoplasms. The newly-updated and expanded Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016 nails down the latest hot topics, expert advice, and dermatology coding tips for calluses, abscesses, acne, sebaceous cysts, open wounds, and many more.

The Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016 is jam-packed with nearly 60 articles, readers’ questions, and quick reference charts for crosswalks and complicated dermatology coding diagnoses. Want to master coding for other ‘hypertrophic and atrophic conditions’ of the skin? Zip through specificity for reporting ultraviolet light- and radiation-related skin disorders? Need to clarify melanoma diagnoses? Find all of the answers in the Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016.

Keep expert guidance at your fingertips in the Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016:

  • Meet the next generation of allergic contact dermatitis diagnosis codes
  • Allergy tests: Scratch or patch, avoid a rash of allergy coding problems
  • Melanoma: Including repair in all melanoma codes? Read this first
  • I&D: Understand the difference between simple and complicated pilonidal I&D or lose $$$
  • I83.- family covers varicose veins of lower extremities
  • Scars: Here’s how to show medical necessity for scar revisions
  • Follow these 'code also' guidelines when reporting burns
  • Don’t sweat over coding hyperhidrosis
  • Examine these codes for microscopic hair examination
  • And much more!


Don’t miss out on the critical ICD-10 dermatology coding topics that affect your bottom line! Call 1-800-508-2582 or click the link above to get your copy of the Dermatology ICD-10 Handbook 2016 today.

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