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Oncology and Hematology

As an oncology and hematology coder, you need to be an expert on coding for infusion administration, drug units, neoplasm diagnoses, E/M services, and more. The Coding Institute can help you to stay up-to-date on CCI updates, coding changes, and coverage news so your claims will stay in the clear. 

Don’t waste time searching for coding and compliance advice and analysis. The Coding Institute offers you all the specialty-specific resources you need in one place. Minimize the time you spend looking for answers and maximize your results.

Take Your Oncology and Hematology Coding To the Next Level & Get Ready for ICD-10 Transition. Medical oncology and hematology coding requires you to learn the hidden meanings behind seemingly sim..

An Online Specialty Coder That Ensures Maximum Allowed Pay..

2014 ICD-9 Quick Reference Chart for Oncology/Hematology This updated, handy and reliable ICD-9 Quick-Reference Chart for Oncology/Hematology provides only acceptable and detailed codes from coding..

ICD-10 Quick Reference Charts for Oncology/Hematology The Coding Institute brings to you the fastest ICD-10 coding at your fingertips – Access thousands of ICD-10 codes for Oncology/Hematolog..

Your Guide to ICD-10 Coding and Documentation for Oncology After all the waiting, worrying, and training, ICD-10 is finally here. But that doesn’t mean the training has come to an end. Now&rsqu..

Prepare Now for Sweeping ICD-10 Coding Changes. Good news! The Coding Institute offers ICD-10 Coding Alert to help you master ICD-10 coding, training, and reimbursement. ICD-10 Coding Alert&nbs..

Enhance Your Oncology Claims With These Expert Tips Many coders are taking the "wait and see" approach regarding how the Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will af..