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As an ob-gyn coder, you need to know how to code accurately for visits outside of the global ob package, lysis of adhesions during another procedure, complex annual visits, and more. Trust The Coding Institute to deliver the resources and guidance you need to overcome your toughest ob-gyn coding dilemmas. 

Don’t waste time searching for coding and compliance advice and analysis. The Coding Institute offers you all the specialty-specific resources you need in one place. Minimize the time you spend looking for answers and maximize your results.

Did the announcement of ICD-10 updates leave you thinking, "not again!"? With over 2000 ICD-10-CM and over 4000 ICD-10-PCS changes, the CDC and CMS have thrown many ob-gyn practices for a loop. Obste..

Overcome Your Top Ob-Gyn Coding and Billing Challenges with Ob-Gyn Coding Alert. If your ob-gyn provides additional visits outside of the normal global ob package, you may be entitled to increased pa..
Ob-Gyn Coder $399.95

Round-the-Clock Specialized Coder for Maximum Pay, Minimum Error..

2014 ICD-9 Quick Reference Chart for Obstetrics/Gynecology This updated, handy and reliable ICD-9 Quick-Reference Chart for Obstetrics/Gynecology provides only acceptable and detailed codes from co..

ICD-10 Quick Reference Charts for Obstetrics/Gynecology The Coding Institute brings to you the fastest ICD-10 coding at your fingertips – Access thousands of ICD-10 codes for Obstetrics/Gynec..

Prepare Now for Sweeping ICD-10 Coding Changes. Good news! The Coding Institute offers ICD-10 Coding Alert to help you master ICD-10 coding, training, and reimbursement. ICD-10 Coding Alert&nbs..

Bolster Your Ob-Gyn Claims With This Expert Advice To choose between the codes for routine and more targeted ultrasounds, you need to focus on two aspects: the equipment your ob-gyn uses and the medi..