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If you hope to master medical coding and billing, knowing which modifiers to use and when to use them is essential. Federal, state, and private payers all report that incorrect use of modifiers is one of the most frequent billing errors they find, and that translates to payment problems for your practice. Look to The Coding Institute for help understanding payers’ guidelines, modifier news, and more.

Get How-To Articles on Different Modifiers with Specialty-Specific Modifier Case Studies, Modifier News & More. Thanks to ever-changing rules and regulations from Medicare and other payers, modif..

Your Go-To Source for All Your Modifier Coding Needs Modifiers can make or break the accuracy of your coding. If you aren’t using them correctly, your claims may be delayed or denied and your p..

De-Mystifying Modifiers 59, 26, 50, 76, 77! Modifiers play a big role in your claim preparation and reimbursement. But, correct use of modifiers in the reimbursement claims is a challenge.The use of ..