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EM Coding

One-Stop E/M Coding, Documentation, and Auditing Solutions

TCI offers a broad range of solutions to help you master E/M coding and guidelines, scale your reporting process, tackle claim denials, and protect your revenue. Get reliable, easy-to-follow advice to defeat complex E/M coding issues. Learn from E/M coding articles with real-world reporting scenarios. Translate your provider’s notes and select the proper level of E/M service with our reusable E/M audit worksheet. And leverage our online newsletter archives for answers to all your E/M coding questions.

Stay on top of vital evaluation and management coding guidelines, code additions and revisions, changes in documentation requirements, auditing best practices, and trending CERT-identified errors with:

  • E/M Coding Alert: Overcome your E/M coding hurdles with the monthly E/M Coding Alert. This newsletter will expand your E/M coding skills, keep you on top of E/M code and guideline changes, and help you protect your E/M revenue with comprehensive tutorials and reporting guidance. The newsletter included 24 AAPC CEUs.
  • Evaluation & Management Coding Reference Guide: Get expert E/M coding guidance to avoid coding errors that could lead to crippling audits and fines. The E/M handbook offers explanations on tricky E/M coding guidelines and lays out how-to coding tutorials covering the spectrum of E/M coding encounters.
  • E/M Audit Worksheets: Clear, easy-to-read, and re-usable, the evaluation and management audit worksheet will guide you through the E/M coding process from start to finish, helping you to accurately code every E/M encounter. Whether you’re coding a visit based on 1995 or 1997 E/M guidelines, this tool will equip you to prevent upcoding and downcoding—to secure your full and prompt reimbursement.

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