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As a cardiology coder, you need to know how to report all of the services that your practice provides — from cardiac caths, stress tests, and vascular occlusion services to FEVAR and more. Count on The Coding Institute to provide in-depth insight and practical answers to ensure your claims are clean, compliant, and get paid.

Don’t waste time searching for coding and compliance advice and analysis. The Coding Institute offers you all the specialty-specific resources you need in one place. Minimize the time you spend looking for answers and maximize your results.

Cardiology Coding Tools, Guidelines, and Career Builders in 1 Quick-Access Collection Now spot applicable codes faster with more relevant results. Get results specific for Age-, Gender-, or Time-base..

Get the Most Critical Cardiology Coding and Reimbursement Guidance! How would you bill for the physician if the tech uses spectral Doppler but doesn’t record it? Making sure you pick the right ..

2014 ICD-9 Quick Reference Chart for Cardiology This updated, handy and reliable ICD-9 Quick-Reference Chart for Cardiology provides only acceptable and detailed codes from coding specialists so yo..

ICD-10 Quick Reference Charts for Cardiology The Coding Institute brings to you the fastest ICD-10 coding at your fingertips – Access thousands of ICD-10 codes for Cardiology! What is your p..

Get in-depth knowledge of ICD-10 coding for cardiology. Now that ICD-10 has launched, as a cardiology practice you must be well versed with new guidelines, documentation requirements, and the struct..

Prepare Now for Sweeping ICD-10 Coding Changes. Good news! The Coding Institute offers ICD-10 Coding Alert to help you master ICD-10 coding, training, and reimbursement. ICD-10 Coding Alert&nbs..

Demystify the Many CPT® 2014 Changes With Cardiology Coding Training In 2014, CPT® codes for cardiology have undergone tremendous changes, which means if you don’t receive a comprehensi..