Seamlessly Report Non-Invasive Cardiac Tests with Practical Tips & Advice

Cardiologists can perform a variety of non-invasive tests and procedures to diagnose specific cardiac conditions. Some examples of these non-invasive tests can include electrocardiograms (EKGs), cardiac stress tests, tilt table testing, echocardiographs, computed tomography (CT), and coronary computed tomography angiograms (CTAs).

If coding for these and other cardiac stress tests makes you want to pull your hair out, you are not alone! Understanding the nuances of the appropriate stress test codes can be tricky.

Thankfully,our free white paper covers all the advice you need to overcome the challenges of reporting non-invasive cardiac tests so you can easily and quickly maximize reimbursement.

Topics covered in this free white paper:

  • Reducing myocardial SPECT denials for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Knowing what’s in the SPECT NCD
  • Simplifying medical necessity requirements
  • Omitting the anxiety from reporting cardiac stress tests
  • Understanding the individual component codes of 93015
  • Ultrasound essentials: Focusing on four main requirements for successful reporting
  • Checking these 4 overarching requirements
  • Distinguishing between complete vs. limited exams
  • Demystifying tilt table testing
  • Applying modifiers CT and FX for older methods


Download your FREE copy now to understand the importance of non-invasive cardiac tests and to ensure accurate reporting.