Return Policy



The Coding Institute (TCI) offers a 100% money back guarantee for valid returns of print books, charts and DVDs. Returns must be sent back to our warehouse within 30 days of the delivery date.  Please review the return rules listed below for important information.

We will return the full purchase price to you and shipping costs, or ship you a replacement item and will bear the shipping costs, if the return is valid:

  • Your order is damaged by the warehouse  - e.g., product is broken, pages/covers are missing, pages/covers are blank that should contain information, pages/covers are smeared and cannot be read, spiral binding is defective, or any other defect that was present when you received your order.
  • TCI mistakenly shipped you the wrong item(s) or duplicate item(s) for which you previously paid.
  • TCI did not ship your order within the delivery date range promised to you.
  • You never received your order.
  • Other reasons that relate to defective products, incorrect shipping, incorrect order processing, incorrect content within a book, or other reasons that our customer service team discusses with you and determines are valid to be able to return or exchange a product.  


Returns will not be accepted for any other reason.

  • Items should be returned in pristine condition (unless the product was received in damaged condition) so that the product can be resold. Returns will not be accepted for products that are written in, highlighted, tabbed, pages or covers are bent, cut, or torn, or damage was purposefully inflicted after the product was received.
  • Returns must be shipped back in the same packaging material, or similar material, so that the product is not damaged during shipping back to our warehouse.
  • The original packing slip must accompany your return to receive a full refund or replacement product.
  • We will issue you a refund or replace the defective product after receiving your return at our warehouse and determining that it was damaged by the warehouse or you received the wrong item or duplicate item.
  • For credit card orders, we will credit your original payment method within 15 -20 days from the date your return is received. For payments by check, we will issue you a refund check within 40 days from the date your return is received. You must contact our customer service team to request a Refund Request Form for credit card orders prior to returning your product so that we can process your refund instead of you requesting a chargeback to your credit card.
  • You should not request a chargeback with your credit card merchant if you’ve filed a return/refund request with TCI. If you request the chargeback, your refund will be issued only upon TCI receiving your merchant’s consent, which  may take even longer for you to receive your refund.


Nonrefundable items include:

  • Custom orders
  • eBooks
  • Rapid Coder Charts
  • Print books or DVDs not returned within 30 days of the delivery date. The warehouse reserves the right to keep these items without issuing a refund or replacement.


For additional questions about TCI’s return policy, or to return a product, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-508-2582 who will be happy to assist you.

Please return orders to the following address:

Michael Baldwin
c/o Jaspal Arora
675 Dutchess Turnpike
Poughkeepsie, NY  12603

Phone: (800) 724-1100


Thank you.