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ICD-9-CM Quick-Reference Charts for 2015

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  • Allergy/Immunology $24.95
  • Cardiology $24.95
  • Chiropratic $24.95
  • Dermatology $24.95
  • Emergency Medicine $24.95
  • Endocrinology $24.95
  • Gastroenterology $24.95
  • General Surgery $24.95
  • Infectious Disease $24.95
  • Nephrology $24.95
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery $24.95
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology $24.95
  • Oncology/Hematology $24.95
  • Ophthalmology $24.95
  • Orthopedics $24.95
  • Otolaryngology $24.95
  • Pediatrics $24.95
  • Physiatry/Rehab $24.95
  • Plastic Surgery $24.95
  • Podiatry $24.95
  • Primary Care $24.95
  • Psychiatry $24.95
  • Pulmonology $24.95
  • Rheumatology $24.95
  • Thoracic Vascular $24.95
  • Urology $24.95
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Starting October 1, 2015, you’ll stop using ICD-9-CM codes; but you’re still not finished with ICD-9-CM just yet!

Keep the most up-to-date ICD-9-CM codes at your fingertips with 2015 ICD-9-CM Quick-Reference Chart for your specialty.

Don’t get tripped-up by ICD-9 coding errors!

Make sure you’re not risking reimbursement by reporting invalid and inappropriate ICD-9-CM codes this year with the most updated and easy-to-use ICD-9-CM Chart – made to order for 26 different specialties!

These double-sided, low-maintenance charts are the most accurate and user-friendly diagnosis coding charts you’ll come across — and at the most affordable price. These 8.5x 11 charts cover 99 percent of your specialty’s every day ICD-9 coding needs!

It's easier than ever to quickly find the ICD-9-CM codes you need for your specialty.

Here’s why it pays to have Rapid Coder’s continuously-updated, ICD-9 chart by your side:

  • More precision: Our specialist-designed ICD-9-CM code lists ensure more accuracy and efficiency than one-size-fits-all diagnosis code charts.
  • No more outdated codes: Each chart reflects the most current top diagnosis codes being reported by your specialty.
  • More time for you: No need to speed your way through huge codebooks and tiring online searches — you’ll get exactly the ICD-9 information you need at a glance.
  • Less possibility of claim rejection: Our charts can reduce the possibility of claim rejection for your practice by providing an up-to-date list of complete, correct and supportive diagnosis codes that you can use to bill against reported CPT codes.
  • Easy to carry and to navigate: Find your specialty’s top ICD-9-CM codes instantly.
  • Easy on your pocket: Place a chart in every office or exam room for convenient reference without breaking your budget.
  • Handy guide for billers: These accurate code lists can help medical billers overcome coding fatigue and coding phobia.
  • Long lasting and durable: These plastic charts are durable, can be wiped clean and are resistant to abuse.

Say goodbye to flipping through tedious coding manuals and quickly find all the diagnosis codes for your specialty with these easy reference charts — for just $24.95.

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