Rapid Coder 2015 ICD-10 Charts

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  • Allergy/Immunology $39.95
  • Anesthesia $39.95
  • Cardiology $39.95
  • Chiropractic $39.95
  • Dental $39.95
  • Dermatology $39.95
  • Emergency Medicine $39.95
  • Endocrinology $39.95
  • Gastroenterology $39.95
  • General Surgery $39.95
  • Infectious Disease $39.95
  • Nephrology $39.95
  • Neurology/Neurosurgery $39.95
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology $39.95
  • Oncology/Hematology $39.95
  • Ophthalmology $39.95
  • Optometry $39.95
  • Orthopedics $39.95
  • Otolaryngology $39.95
  • Pain Management $39.95
  • Pathology/lab $39.95
  • Pediatrics $39.95
  • Physiatry/Rehabilitation $39.95
  • Plastic Surgery $39.95
  • Podiatry $39.95
  • Primary Care $39.95
  • Psychiatry $39.95
  • Pulmonology $39.95
  • Radiology $39.95
  • Rheumatology $39.95
  • SNF/Rehabilitation $39.95
  • Thoracic-Vascular $39.95
  • Urgent Care $39.95
  • Urology $39.95
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Get acquainted with the fastest and most reliable ICD-10-CM quick-reference charts from TCI and begin the easiest transition now!

With just a few months left for ICD-10 implementation, there is unabated apprehension felt by the physician practices to adapt and successfully shift to the new reporting system. The numbers itself are mind boggling with the number of ICD-10 codes being almost five times that of ICD-9. This expansion of codes implies more specificity, and documentation is set to play an integral role. If not coded correctly, it could lead to underpayments and in the worst case scenario- claim denials and compliance audits. At the same time, physician practices cannot allocate unlimited time and resources for the transition.

The ICD-10 transition tools are expensive and sometimes complicated to use too. And there may not be enough time to sift through tiring coding books for each and every case.

How do you give yourself a cost-effective and reliable way to meet all your ICD-10-CM coding needs – and in quick time?

Grab an ICD-10 chart, simple.

Introducing Rapid Coder’s ICD-10 charts for 2015 – available in 30+ specialties!

The two double-sided laminated ICD-10 charts will help you spot the top reported ICD-10 codes for your specialty. In an instant, you can refer to these expert reference charts and find the applicable code. These extremely-helpful charts will enable practices to make a smooth transition by adapting to reliable and accurate ICD-10 codes.

How Rapid Coder’s ICD-10 chart can help your practice:

  • Quick Reference: Just a cursory glance at the chart and you can locate the appropriate ICD-10 code.
  • Reliable: All the information on the ICD-10 chart is reviewed by certified professional coders and hence it is a succinct resource you can trust.
  • Time Saver: This quick-reference chart is really fast as you find the accurate code within minutes.
  • Affordable: This anytime, anywhere quick reference has affordable pricing.
  • Alphabetic Listing: A-Z listing of conditions will ensure you jump directly to the right set of codes.
  • Tables for Easier Transition: Various tables on HTN, Injury, Burn, etc ensure easier ICD-10 learning.
  • Hassle-Free Resource: Get the freedom from tiring codebooks and doubtful ICD-10 software.
  • Reduced Claim Rejection: The chart helps your practice in reducing the possibility of claim rejection by providing list of complete, correct and supportive ICD-10 codes.
  • Durable Chart: The chart is laminated for durability and easy use in your office/practice or workstation.

Two Double-Sided Laminated ICD-10-CM Charts (8.5"x11") for $39.95.

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