SuperCoder.com Added SuperScrubber & Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

With a commitment to helping medical coders by providing coding education and resources, Supercoder.com is scheduled to add new features and tools every month in 2011. The company spokesperson says that Supercoder.com’s product proliferation strategy has paid off in 2010. It’ll do so in 2011 as well.

In January, SuperCoder.com added two important coder-friendly tools — the SuperScrubber for Physicians & Stedman’s Online Medical Dictionary. With these two additions to its portfolio of products, company management expects 2011 revenue to double.

SuperScrubber for Physicians: This new tool will help coders decrease denials, optimize reimbursement, and ensure coding compliance before they submit their claims. The company sources reveal that this powerful claim-scrubbing tool is completely web-based and always up-to-date on the latest coding requirements.

SuperScrubber will help coders identify potential denial triggers proactively by color-coding and ranking each problem according to the severity of the coding mistake.

SuperScrubber will evaluate each claim on 4 key criteria:

  •     Encounter-wide Edits to verify the accuracy of your encounter’s demographic.
  •     Code-Specific Edits to ensure that each claim meets with the latest coding edits and updates.
  •     Automatic Crosswalk to verify that all procedures are supported by the appropriate diagnosis code.
  •     Modifier Check to guarantee that every claim is compliant with the latest CCI edits.
  •     And, it helps the coders pinpoint often overlooked CPT®/HCPCS codes.

Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary: Stedman’s Medical Dictionary is the most trusted, comprehensive medical terminology resource available. Just type in any medical term or condition and you’ll instantly get plain-English definitions to help you accurately decipher your physician’s documentation. Your claims will be more precise, profitable and less likely to invite scrutiny from RACs.

With Stedman’s Electronic Medical Dictionary from SuperCoder.com, you’ll get:

  •     More than 107,000 terms, including 5,000 new terms, are defined by the most trusted name in medical references.
  •     Expanded definitions of more than 150 high profile terms deepen your understanding of their meaning and usage.
  •     Quick access to thousands of medical conditions, medications, anatomical terms, procedures, and much more.
  •     Plus: Decode your physician’s handwriting by just typing in the first few letters of a term!

It’s worth mentioning that in just one and half years, SuperCoder.com has emerged as a robust online platform that provides both extensive archives of specialty-specific how-to articles and online code look-up. For more info on its product offerings, log on to http://www.SuperCoder.com/products/.