SuperCoder Releases Anatomical Workflow Solution That Requires No ICD-10 Codeset Savvy

The revolutionary software interface means that physicians, nurses and coders can reach an ICD-10-CM code in 5 clicks or 30 seconds versus the industry standard 15 plus clicks or 5 minutes.

BoneCoder10 from SuperCoder is the revolutionary ICD-10-CM workflow solution that is easing physicians, coders, and nurses transition to ICD-10 coding. Users of the electronic software simply answer two clinical-based questions and click on a human skeleton to find the correct ICD-10 code(s).

Current ICD-10 coding workflow solutions feature long picklists, include numerous steps, and require ICD-10 coding know-how. BoneCoder10, however, is organized the same way that residents are trained to classify diagnoses. Therefore, the software is easy for users to pick up without extensive training on ICD-10 or having to know the official ICD-10-CM used term which does not always coincide with the commonly used medical word.

SuperCoder introduced the software to rave reviews at AAOS 2015 Annual Meeting and at AAPC HealthCon 2015 in Las Vegas March 24-31. With built in rules such as Additional Codes available in a single click, BoneCoder10 was the hit of the show. The software incorporates all of the key concepts of ICD-10-CM in one screen. After finding one code, the user is given all the information on the code’s Excludes1, Code First, and Code Additional requirements. The user simply clicks the concept and the eligible codes are auto generated from which the user can select. Hierarchal orders are auto adjusted and illegal code combinations are red marked. The software integrates with EHRs, practice management systems and billing systems using click and paste to export the final code combinations from the software to the system.

BoneCoder10 is offered in multiple formats and specialties. ICD-10 physician champions are recommending the PC multispecialty version for implementation in numerous health systems and Affordable Care Organizations. The multispecialty PC version has codes for Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Physical Therapy and Emergency Medicine including some comorbidities. Soon to be added formats include Web-Based, i0S, Android Phones and Tablets. Upcoming specialties are Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Physical Therapy, Chiropracty, Ophthalmology, Optometry, Family Practice, Urgent Care and More.

Practices have been fearing revenue decreases associated with the looming October 1 deadline in which in accordance with the Affordable Care Act law providers must file claims using ICD-10-CM codes to report the patient’s medical diagnoses. Forecasts predict that practices will face revenue losses of 3-10 percent. Spine surgeon Brian Scholl, MD, created the software to make life easier for providers and coders.

Medicare has also tested the software which has been in use at several clinics and practices. The Orthopedic Center was selected as one of Medicare’s 850 test sites and used the program to help do the ICD-10 coding. Medicare EOB testing gave the clinic a 100% pass.

ICD-10 coding is a mandate of the Affordable Care Act which requires all providers to report US diagnoses to insurers using ICD-10 codes. The current ICD-9-CM diagnoses system transitions to ICD-10-CM, effective Oct. 1, 2015.

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